April 6, 2016

The Return of Frankensteinia

The hiatus is over, and it’s back to blogging! 

It has been a busy start to the year as a freelance writer — no complaints! — and setting up a new computer. Upside is, I’ve spent all my free time away from the blog researching Frankenstein and things related, and countless hours have yielded endless riches. I am very excited about the new material I have dug up and I will now begin sharing with you.

The logo you see here celebrates the 85th Anniversary of James Whale’s FRANKENSTEIN and will accompany upcoming posts devoted to the film. Yes, believe me, there’s still LOTS to discover and enjoy about this enduring classic. 

We’ll also be celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the novel, which actually spans a period of three years. Mary Shelley conceived of and began writing Frankenstein in the summer of 1816, and the finished book was published in 1818. 

So let’s get busy. 


David Lee Ingersoll said...


Welcome back!

Craig said...

Salut, O (stitched) Captain!

Rick said...

Welcome back! I was wondering if I should start worrying.

Caftan Woman said...

The universe has been righted.

Bulldog said...

Welcome back!

b piper said...

Like Rick said.