December 8, 2008

FJA Tributes

Over the weekend, the Net was aglow with tributes to Forry Ackerman.

The stories all blend together, my own included. Stories of how essential Famous Monsters was in our young lives back in ’58 and the Sixties, how we haunted newsstands agonizing for the next issue, how many were moved to write, to create, to make monsters, and how the influence of Forry, James Warren and Famous Monsters was translated into actual careers.

Matching stories, uniform gratitude. The definition of a community.

Here are few standout blogs I’d like to share with you…

John McElwee’s ever-awesome Greenbriar Picture Shows offers a fine remembrance, illustrated with the usual spectacular photographs.

If you can’t get enough of Forry, Blogue Macabre’s tribute will run all week. Already up is an astounding list of Forry’s film credits.

I loved director Peter Jackson’s homage, posted on Ain’t It Cool News. His “last will and testament” story is beautiful.

I was most eager to hear from James Warren, Forry’s colleague, confederate and co-conspirator, the other half of Famous Monsters. Warren’s words are posted on the Halloween Mask Association website, and on The Drunken Severed Head blog.

The picture at right made my heart ache.

Sitting is an aged but unbowed Forry Ackerman, still regaling fans with anecdotes at a convention. Standing behind him, protective, loving hands on his shoulders — like some guardian angel — is James Warren.

The Forry as Frankenstein image at top is an early illustration by the great Bill Nelson. Forry had it printed up as postcards he would sign and hand out to fans.



stumbled across your blog and truly enjoyed it and found it very interesting! drop by and visit mine when you get some time.
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Max the drunken severed head said...


Hope it's a good one for ya!

An FYI: my blog did not repost the Warren/Langdon Forry memorials from the HMA site. The HMA and my blog were among the sites Mr. Langdon sent the tributes to, on behalf of himself and Mr. Warren.

Best monster birthday wishes--


Pierre Fournier said...

Thanks for remembering my birthday, Max! Sorry for the misunderstanding, I corrected the post.

rob! said...

i love that pic of FJA and Warren.

Dennis Daniel said...

Hi! Love the site! My name is Dennis Daniel. I wrote THE FAMOUS MONSTERS CHRONICLES in 1991...and I am now re-writing the book for Fantaco. Jim Warren will be featured in a brand new interview! That photo of Jim and Forry is so BEAUTIFUL! DO YOU KNOW WHO TOOK IT? My publisher, Tom Skulan, would LOVE to include it in our revised book.

Here is a link to our Kickstarter campaign:

Feel free to write back to me at would be so wonderful to include that touching photo.