August 21, 2007


"Personally I'm a fan of Frankenteen. He's the pale and frail poster boy for skinny nerds with pretty cool personalities. After high school he'll own his own computer company or direct hipster indie films or something. So jocks and bullies beware because Frankenteens coming to his ten year reunion with a smug face and a really pretty wife!"

Justin Parpan’s Frankenteen would make a great model kit, glow in the dark and all. Maybe, someday. Until then, Frankenteen and other cool creatures like Conqueror Crab, The Prehistoric Sea Devil, Dr. Squawk from Planet Fowl and Gamadon The Destroyer can be enjoyed on the artist’s delightful blog.

Parpan has also written and illustrated an enchanting picture book, Gwango’s Lonesome Trail, for young readers, and the young at heart who fondly remember Ray Bradbury’s The Foghorn, and Ray Harryhausen movies. 


rob! said...

that's a beautiful piece. friendly yet spooky, too.

Anonymous said...

I met Justin recently and bought a copy of this very print. It just spoke to me. A friend of Frankenstein and more recently of the Parpan bros.
-Jelly Roll Norton