August 25, 2007

Frankenstein On Stage

“With moonpie eyes and the mentality of an infant, Irakli Kavsadze is both helpless and horrific as the malformed creation living in misery and isolation. In an impressive performance that alternately evokes sympathy and terror, Kavsadze… renders a Creature that is part child, part beast, but entirely human in nature.”

Jolene Munch, Washington Metro Weekly

The startling, split-faced Monster is played by Irakli Kavsadze in Synetic Theatre’s 2006 adaptation of Frankenstein at the Kennedy Center, in Washington.

The play, which strove to be as faithful as possible to the novel — complete with arctic fog descending upon the audience — garnered excellent reviews and a bevy of Helen Hayes Award nominations, including one for Best Resident Play. The multi-tasking Mr. Kavsadze was nominated for Outstanding Sound Design.

The actor was also involved in a Frankenstein-related sketch performed by The Golden Theater: Pantomime for Youth troupe entitled The Misadventures of Dr. Frank-n-Flubber, PhD. That short performance can be viewed in its entirety on the net here.

Reviews of Synetic’s Frankenstein appear here, and on the theater company’s website.

A bit of trivia: Irakli Kavsadze also played Dr. Van Helsing in the troupe’s highly regarded adaptation of Dracula.

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