August 29, 2007


Freakenstein is a fearsome, funky giant with clutching hands, exposed brains, and a nasty, snapping steam-shovel jaw. And dig that crazy diesel exhaust pipe sticking straight up out of its back!

This mammoth monster, an elaborate combination of makeup, costume and puppetry, is the work of creature-maker Kevin Alvey. His Gore Galore company website seems to be undergoing a revamp, but you can still see a clip of Freakenstein clomping around on YouTube.

If you explore that YouTube page, you can view other Alvey creations like The Wraith, The Bone Warrior, and Freakenstein’s own Bride, zombie-walking around someone’s basement.

Update: The Gore Galore site is back in action. Tons to see there. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

FREAKENSTEIN is also a rock band.
They play gothic action punk rock.
Their lyrics are influenced by horror, science fiction, comics and pop culture.
They have two EPs:
"Left the Madhouse Burning Behind" and "Bride of Freakenstein"

Anonymous said...

New Freakenstein material has been recorded in the studio.

Anonymous said...