September 14, 2007

Doc Frankenstein

The Frankenstein myth really gets a workout in Doc Frankenstein, a comic book created by Geof Darrow and Steve Skroce, written and published by Larry and Andy Wachowski of The Matrix fame.

The story picks up where Mary Shelley left off. The Monster survives his self-imposed arctic isolation and returns to the world as an indestructible, pulp-style avenger fighting the zealot armies of the religious right. Or something like that. This book is not for the politically timid or the easily offended.

The script rants and roars unapologetically, and Skroce’s intricate and robust art features over the top action and bracing gore. Explosions abound and characters, supernatural and human, are regularly dismembered in loving detail. This is the kick-ass school of storytelling, with a touch of twisted humor thrown in for good measure.

The creation scene pictured above (note the cross-shaped slab) is but a small fraction of a much larger panel. You can see the whole thing in great detail, as well as samples from every issue of the comic book on the very generously illustrated Burlyman Entertainment site. The image at left is an alternate preview cover by co-creator Geof Darrow.

The saga of Doc Frankenstein has suffered somewhat from a highly irregular publication schedule, mostly attributed to the Wachowski’s film commitments. A belated sixth issue is due out in November, promising nothing less than “The Blasphemous Never Before Told Origin Story of GOD!”. 

You can order from the publisher, or you might want to reserve a copy at your local comic shop, try an issue, see if you like it, and hope for a graphic novel compilation of the series.

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