October 1, 2007

Franken Monkey

These cute Frankenstein tryclops with lolling tongues are hot designer collectables beautifully sculpted by Roberto Jhageri for Atomic Monkey Ltd.

There are two models, each offered in a variety of colors. The stiff-arm walking Franken Monkey is a 3-inch resin figure, and the one with the spiral tail is a 6-inch vinyl figure with a pop-off snorkel skullcap and a removable glow-in-the-dark brain!

Atomic’s Franken Monkey family will soon expand to include Count Mockula, Igor, and a 6-inch vinyl Mummy Monkey with removable limbs.

Collectors note: Runs are strictly limited and selling out quickly. Check the Atomic Monkey site for availability. Sold out models can sometimes be found with resellers like Rotofugi and Panik’s Toy Box.

Here’s a review of the Franken Monkey on Plastic & Plush.

(Thanks, Bibi!)


Bibi said...

Thanks for the link! BTW, take a look at the work of Isabel Samaras http://astrocat.com/samaras/index.html
She has some paintings and illustrations with Frankenstein's creature.

Pierre said...

Thanks, Bibi. I love Samaras and she'll definitely be featured on my blog at some point.