September 21, 2007

The Updates of Frankenstein

Updating recent posts with new information…

Broadway Frankenstein

There’s no lack of info — and hype — on the web about Mel Brook’s musical version of Young Frankenstein opening on Broadway this October.

I just thought I’d mention that the show’s website was significantly upgraded this week with new info, cast pictures, video and goodies to download.

Cryptic Cartoons

Demented cartoonist Eric Pigors, whom I profiled earlier, announces that his Cryptic Art book is completely Sold Out… but you can STILL get a copy. I told you he was demented!

‘Unkle’ Pigors is offering a very special Halloween-cover, numbered and signed edition of the book, strictly limited to 30 precious copies. The hardcover, 120-page, full-color book comes augmented with 50 new drawings, and it all goes for 40 well-wasted smackeroos. Go ahead, give your eyeballs a treat!

Get it direct from the master at Toxictoons and tell him Frankensteinia sent you.


Picking up on my Skull of Frankenstein post, Max, The Drunken Severed Head (by the way, he’s demented, too!) has posted some wild morphing x-rays (by dadabigelow) of the Frankenstein Monster’s crazy cranium.

Fun stuff!

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