October 20, 2007

Frankenstein Meets Vampirella

A pop culture Pieta: The classic Frankenstein Monster and comic book horror heroine Vampirella, by Kevin Nowlan.

I love Nowlan’s work. He is a true virtuoso, an artist’s artist with a style that is super-slick but never cold. His characters have, well, character. His superheroes have real faces. They frown, they glare and they move realistically, even in flight or doing other impossible superhero things. They have weight and presence.

The black and white illustration is a portrait of Marvel Comic’s Frankenstein Monster. The Frankenstein and Vampirella illustration is a sketch piece. See it in full uncropped glory here.

Kevin Nowlan’s simple website features wonderful portraits and comic covers, and there’s yet more to enjoy on Comic Art Community. A book, Modern Masters Volume 4: Kevin Nowlan, is still available from TwoMorrows Publishing.


rob! said...


c'mon, Marvel, start up a new Monsters Unleashed! b/w mag and have Nowlan do the cover!

Thaís V. Manfrini said...

I love it.