October 25, 2007

Free Frankenstein Halloween Mask

Daniel M. Davis is a Phoenix-based artist and indie publisher whose kid-friendly monster books include After Halloween, Caught Creatures and Klaw Berry. His Steam Crow Press website is a happy place stuffed with Davis’ terrific art and lots of info for artists and self-publishers, not to mention essential Monster Hunting tips! The “Inspiring People” links alone are a great resource for cartoonists or anyone who enjoys top-drawer illustration.

Davis’ wonderful Frankenstein Mask (his name is Yowl!) is a simple, safe, cutout mask available as a free pdf download. And check under “freebies” for goodies like wallpapers and more masks, including Dr. Vampiro, a mash of The Creature from the Black Lagoon and Nosferatu!

(via Drawn)

By the way, you can still download the striking Karloff-like Frankenstein Mask from Burg Frankenstein. Bit of a job to put this one together, but it’s a knockout.

Now print 'em up, punch 'em out, put 'em on, and go scare up some treats on Halloween!

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Unknown said...

I found this website http://www.thatsmyface.com/f/masks that can create a super-realistic mask of anyone from just a photo. Imagine going as yourself, your boss, your favorite celebrity or worst enemy to a Halloween party!