October 10, 2007

Listen to Frankenstein

The days of radio drama are long gone, but the art form survives through the efforts and considerable talent of people like actor/writer/producer Craig Wichman, founder of New York’s Quicksilver Radio Theater. Online streaming, podcasting and audio books are new avenues of creativity that this unique troupe of seasoned actors and technicians is actively exploring. Quicksilver has produced a wide variety of award-winning audio plays tackling everything from Shakespeare to Sherlock Holmes.

The script for Frankenstein: Modern Prometheus is an intelligent and very faithful 60-minute adaptation of what is, admittedly, a huge, sprawling book. Under the direction of Jay Stern, Joseph Franchini as Victor Frankenstein and Craig Wichman as The Monster headline a large cast whose fine work —complete with sound effects and an original score — makes Mary Shelley’s novel spring to robust life.

This Frankenstein has already earned deserved kudos from critic Leonard Maltin and Frankenstein expert Don Glut. Now it's your turn to experience it: Treat yourself to Quicksilver Radio Theater’s Frankenstein, streaming online this Thursday, October 11, at 1pm EST on Greater Portland Community Radio. Go to http://www.wmpg.org/ and click “Listen” on the menu at the top of the page. Part 2 will be streaming next week, on October 18.

The graphic illustrating this post is by yours truly. Thanks, Craig, for letting me cut loose!


Wich2 said...


Thanks so much for the kind words.

As an actor I felt it a sort of sacred honor to play Mary's Monster; and the show was a real labor of love by all hands.

It's nice to be featured on a site that is obviously the same kind of "creature."

Happy Halloween, all!
-Craig Wichman

Pierre said...

Craig, your love, respect and dedication for the material shines through. And you are fine Monster, too! Congratulations.

Susan Tyler Hitchcock said...

I step back with admiration for all that you do, Pierre -- but I must take issue with one little detail. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein may be a sprawling novel -- its geography stretches from Mont Blanc to the Orkney Isles -- but it isn't huge, compared to its contemporaries. It's relatively short, which is one reason it has been snapped up by many a high school and college teacher as a book that students might just finish.

Your art chills -- thanks for that, and for your vigilance in finding new appearances of our favorite monster constantly.

-- Susan

finalrune said...

Thanks so much for the attention! One thing I'd like to point out to listeners is that if they miss the live broadcast on WMPG, they'll be able to tune in to the podcast to hear it at www.radiodramarevival.com.
In addition to the chilling tale of Frankenstein, there's a lot more horror lined up this month and several previous months of sci-fi, drama, satire, and even a few laughs.

Thanks so much for the attention and I'd love to hear what people think of the production!


Writer, Director, Host
Radio Drama Revival
FinalRune Productions

finalrune said...


Can I hire you to do a scary illo for my big Halloween event? ;-)


Pierre said...

Susan: Agreed, Frankenstein is a very reasonably sized novel. I meant to suggest that it’s when you try to adapt it as a 50-minute script that it gets bigger on you. I’m sure Craig will testify to that.

Thank you very much for your kind words. Means the world to me, coming from you.

Pierre said...

Fred: I’ll be sure to mention the podcast as soon as it is up on the Radio Drama Revival site.

Thanks, all, for the comments on my illustration. I’ll be experimenting with title banners in the coming days, let me know what you think.

Wich2 said...

Dear Folks-

For those who couldn't make the Live Stream, the Podcast of "Book One" of FRANKENSTEIN: MODERN PROMETHEUS is available at your convenience now:


Happy Halloween!
-Craig W.

"Very well done ... special. Something (to) be proud of."
- ARTHUR ANDERSON, The Mercury Theatre

wich2 said...

Dear Pierre-

I just got news of a 20th anniversary air/cybercast of my FRANKENSTEIN.

Do you have a nice HQ version of your wonderful poster for same? If so, could you please zap that to me (and sign it on the bottom left, if you can?)

I'm beginning thumping the tub for Sunday's presentation today.

All best,

wich2 said...


...we're B-ACK!

"Well produced ... clearly a labor of love ... amazing job (with) The Monster." ANDY TRUDEAU, National Public Radio

Join us for a Treat this All Hallows' Eve -- and support Independent Radio at WBAI, as well as broadcast Audio Drama both old and new on THE GOLDEN AGE OF RADIO!

Quicksilver Radio Theater is proud to return to where they began 20 years ago for a special Halloween presentation of their SILVER REEL-winning Audio Drama, part of host MAX SCHMID's four-hour Halloween Spectacular on THE GOLDEN AGE OF RADIO:

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30th at 8pm.
On the Air at WBAI - 99.5 FM in New York City, and Streaming Online @http://wbai.org/

"Really impressed ... a terrific job, both in adapting and performing..."