January 29, 2008

Frankenstein Toys


This year, the Smurfs celebrate their 50th anniversary. Creator Peyo (Pierre Culliford, 1928-1992) first introduced the little blue imps as secondary characters in his delightful comic strip Johan et Pirlouit, set in medieval times.

An instant hit, the Smurfs earned their own strip and went global when animated for TV. A merchandising goldmine, Smurfs figurines come in endless variations, including this Frankenstein Smurf, from 2005.

The Smurf website.


Novelty and plush-toy maker Gund’s Frighty Night Collection includes spooky witches, vampires, and a grumpy-looking Frankenstein that comes in various configurations like tote bags, lamps, and bendables,

Press the nose on this big, 17-inch huggable, his eyes flash and he wishes you a Happy Halloween. For those of us who celebrate All Hallows' Eve all year round.

Gund website.

(Thanks, Dread!)


rob! said...


Mr. Karswell said...

This sparks a whole other catagory of Frankensteinia fun, animated Frankie characters, like the Groovy Goolies, Milton the Monster, Drak Pack, also the live action Monster Squad kid series etc...

I remember Wonderful World of Disney used to air those Whiz Kid movies back in the 70's too. I actually still have a paperback version of Vic Crume's Frankenstein and the Whiz Kid but don't remember that one ever being made into a movie or not.

Pierre Fournier said...

There is so much to cover. I have a lot of toy, animation and juvenile-related Frankenstein stuff on the back burner. I'll get around to all of it eventually!

B-Sol said...

Wow, perfect for my monster-lovin' kids!

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