January 15, 2008

Legion of Frankensteins

Seattle-based cartoonist/illustrator David Lee Ingersoll created this outstanding group portrait of famous Frankensteins, with a few jigsaw relatives thrown in. Can you identify them? Be aware that Ingersoll’s highly personal interpretations are whimsical, original takes on the characters. If you can pick out his version of the Edison Frankenstein, you’ll see what I mean.

Give up? Here’s a who’s who key to the characters on Ingersoll’s sketch blog, Skook.

For a fascinating glimpse at the creative process, scroll around this page to see the illustration progress through pencil, ink and coloring stages.

Ingersoll also created a very unique, dynamic version of Willis O’Brien’s Kong-sized Frankenstein (here at left). Get a closer look at it on Ingersoll’s site, where all the images are clickable for a larger view.

Ingersoll has a great feel for cartooning. With bold, confident outlines, his drawings somehow remain fresh and spontaneous. His art manages to be both detailed and uncluttered.

Do explore Ingersoll’s blog, full of his excellent art. His monsters and Lovecraftian creatures are something to behold.

See more of David Lee Ingersoll's art on the Fantasy Art site Epilogue.


Matt J said...

Jesus Frankenstein?! Here:


Pierre Fournier said...

Ah, yes, the wonderful Isabel Samaras. I've been meaning to post about her fabulous work. Thanks for the reminder, I think I might get to it real soon, now.

rob! said...

wow! Jan in the Pan from The Brain That Wouldn't Die!

David Lee said...

I keep wanting to do another version of the Legion, especially after seeing the St. Pepper Frankensteins you posted here. There were so many creatures I missed!

B-Sol said...

Great stuff. I especially love the giant from Frankenstein Conquers the World and is that the Thing with Two Heads???

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