February 9, 2008



Your Frankenstein Monster getup isn’t complete until you slide into a pair of 4-3/4 inch platform shoes. Don’t forget to duck through doorways, and watch out for snapped ankles. Now priced to move, from Buycostumes.com.


This nylon, four-foot tall, inflatable Frankenstein Halloween porch decoration comes with dangling spiders and its own self-contained fan. Display year-round to confuse the neighbors.

From Brands on Sale.


And finally — GAAAAH!

Transform Poochy into an amusing creature made of reanimated dead body parts with this lightweight velcro-strap headpiece and elastic cuffs.

Do NOT attempt this with a large, ill-tempered cat.

From Costume Craze.

1 comment:

rob! said...

awww...look at the cute dog made up of other dead dogs' parts!