March 14, 2008

The Housekeeping of Frankenstein

Regular visitors may have noticed that posting here has been light over the last couple of weeks. Simply said, my time recently has been taken up by intense professional and personal obligations, on top of which I was offline for a couple of days while I broke in a new computer. Things are settling down and I’ll be cranking up the posts again. I’ve got tons of goodies lined up, including a couple of terrific Guest Blogger posts.

The Rondo Award winners were announced on Wednesday. The highly entertaining Trailers from Hell won the Best Blog or Website category, with Tim Lucas’ formidable Video WatchBlog as Runner-Up, and I was delighted to see my friend Max Cheney get an Honorable Mention for his fun, friendly and terminally silly The Drunken Severed Head blog. I profiled Max recently in my first Sites to See post.

Congratulations to the Rondo winners and all the nominees for their great work, thanks to all the voters (in record numbers this year!) and, most of all, hail Rondo Mastermind David Colton! Being nominated was a thrill, and great motivation for me. Thank you, David!

Speaking of awards, Brian Solomon of the indispensable Vault of Horror, has graciously bestowed an E for Excellent award on Frankensteinia! Thanks, B-Sol, I’m flattered and flattened!

OK, let’s get back on topic… See you all here in 24 hours or so with a new Frankenstein post!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Well deserved "E" for all of the excellent work here. Next year that Rondo should be yours too. :)