March 28, 2008

Frankenstein Friday Round Up

Don Megowan kicks back and chills on the set of Tales of Frankenstein (see previous post) while we round up recent Frankenstein sightings on the net.

Frankenstein Elected
On the news front, Frankenstein won his elections in the Indian northeastern state of Meghalaya. Other candidates for Congress included Hitler, Newton, Kennedy, Rockefeller, and Tony Curtis. Read all about it in the Hindustan Times.
The Frankenswizzler
On the novelty front, Frankensteinia reader Tony Lee spotted a Mon-Stir Frankenstein swizzlestick on eBay. Produced by Zoo-Piks in 1964, it was part of a Universal-licensed set that included the Mummy, Wolfman and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.
The red Frankenstein swizzlestick is shown here with a Frankenstein iron-on transfer, a Mister Softee Ice Cream premium, also from 1964. Stick and iron-on are offered by Mpgstuff.
Thanks, Tony!

Frankenstein Mask

Also on eBay recently, this one from Toy Ranch, is Herman, a rare Don Post Frankenstein mask from 1989. It’s a full-head job with real hair and a yellow-tooth grin.
Don Post created the very first commercially available Frankenstein rubber mask sixty years ago. His studio produced several Frankenstein models through the years, either licensed likenesses or generics, like Herman. It is said that back in the 50s and 60s, Frankenstein masks accounted for 70% of all monster mask sales.
Plug-In Frankenstein
Another Toy Ranch offering is the Telco Frankenstein Motionette, a 24-inch statue with a big green head and a melancholic expression. Plug it in and it rattles its chains. These were produced in the early 90s and available in various sizes and your choice of A/C or battery versions.

Frankenstein Legion

And finally, those of you who enjoyed David Lee Ingersoll’s fabulous Legion of Frankensteins illustration that I originally posted about here, should check out his Skook blog where he is currently sharing some of the preliminary sketches for that piece.


Tim Lucas said...

I have a different Plug-In Frankenstein -- same cheap chains and manacles, same shoes and stand, but everything else is different. More serious expression, darker green complexion, actual (fake) hair, and a darker suit. It even resembles Karloff to a degree. I've had it for at least 10 years. The Telco Frankenstein you picture looks like Dan Rather!

rob! said...

if you find yourself being handed a Frankenstein swizzle stick for your drink, you are at THE COOLEST PARTY EVER.

David Lee said...

Ack! I'm always surprised when I see my work looking back at me from somewhere unexpected. Thank you for the link and the announcement!

There's no Frankenstein in today's post since I post the images in the order they originally appeared in my sketchbook. There will be Frankensteins on Saturday and Sunday.

Pierre Fournier said...

David Lee: I changed the Skook link so that it takes us directly to the Frankenstein-tagged posts.

Pierre Fournier said...

Rob: What a party! Get a Big Daddy vibe on: Show up with a foot-long cigarette holder, wearing a goatee, beret, sunglasses, sandals, and your Shock Monster t-shirt. Your escort is a wasp-waist, ironed-hair, black-lipstick Vampira lookalike. She drinks a zombie, you have a martini with a blood-red Frankenstein swizzle stick. Now, mingle, and dance. The live band? Crypt Kicker Five, of course.

Max the drunken severed head said...

The MOST, daddy-o! And snap your fingers while wearin your Rat Fink ring.

Ask the band to play some Zacherley numbers!

Anonymous said...

Don Megowan as Frankenstein! I have only seen him in old westerns!