June 19, 2008

The Covers of Frankenstein : Doc Frankenstein No.6

Make that The AWARD-WINNING Covers of Frankenstein!

I was in Toronto last weekend to pick up an award (previously mentioned here) and I was delighted when, during the course of the ceremonies, Steve Skroce won the Joe Shuster Award for “Outstanding Cover by a Canadian Comic Book Artist” for Doc Frankenstein #6.

Skroce is an artist celebrated for his storyboard work on The Matrix films. He co-created the Doc Frankenstein character with Geoff Darrow, and the series is written and published, through Burlyman Entertainment, by the Wachowski Brothers.

Shown here are the award-winning standard cover and the alternate “sketch cover” to Doc Frankenstein #6, published last fall.

I previously blogged about Doc Frankenstein here.

The Joe Shuster Awards for 2008.

Steve Skroce’s Wiki page.

Doc Frankenstein publisher, Burlyman Entertainment.


Anonymous said...

This is off topic, but I'm surprised there has been no mention of Stan Winston's death on this blog. I saw MONSTER SQUAD last night and his Frankenstein Monster is probably one of the best after Jack Pierce.

rob! said...

The Secret Origin of God?? cool-o!