June 10, 2008

Dean Koontz's Frankenstein: The Comic Book

Suspense and horror writer Dean Koontz’s post-modern reboot of Frankenstein was launched in 2004 simultaneously as a TV movie and a novel by Koontz and Kevin J. Anderson.

The film, directed by Marcus Nispel and starring Vincent Perez as the noble Monster — here called Deucalion (in mythology, the son of Prometheus) — was critically panned and a mooted series was abandoned. Koontz walked away from the film due to creative differences and concentrated on turning his original concept into a book trilogy. Following Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein: Prodigal Son in 2004, the second title, City of Night, co-written with Ed Gorman, appeared in 2005. The final volume, Dead and Alive, is due out in early 2009.

Now, Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein is being adapted to comics by writer Chuck Dixon and artist Brett Booth, both highly regarded in their field. Prodigal Son #1 (of 6) is out now from Dabel Brothers, and the collected series will be issued as a graphic novel from Del Rey Books.

The Dabel Brothers site features an interview with Dean Koontz and links to related material, including a very nice image gallery.

The Famous Monsters of Filmland site carries an interview with comics writer Chuck Dixon.

The art here at left is by Brett Booth. The illustration at top is an alternate cover by Arthur Suydam.


Max the drunken severed head said...

I love that alternate cover art!

I'm waiting for the final installment of Koontz' trilogy. I'm not a fan of his work in general, but his Frankenstein tale is better-than-average Koontz-- more inspired!-- with some memorable characters and some emotionally affecting scenes.

Not much of the Monster in the stories out so far, nor much Shelley, but Koontz can tell a story and he plays with questions of identity in an interesting way.

Shiloh said...

I used to think my favorite Frankenstein film was the recent movie Van Helsing,which wasnt actually about Frankenstein,but it loosely merged it with the Vampire genre.Which gave me the best of two worlds.
Now,I've had cause to rethink this.I've decided that my favorite Frankenstein movie,either as a whole movie or the creation meshed into another tale,has to be this adaption of Dean Koontz's book.I'm really glad Koontz didnt pull the plug on the whole project,instead of just pulling out of finishing it.Personally,I'm glad he did that.The way it turned out gave Ducalion a sympathetic aura to him that the books didnt do that well.In the books,he was still filled with the capability for killing,whereas in the film,he had found a small bit of peace within himself.Thusly,giving him a conscience and perhaps even a soul(of sorts),which is hinted at but never confirmed.And,this film gave us a sexy Frankenstein Creation in the form of Ducalion.Vincent Perez is perfect for the role,in my opinion.
If Koontz had of had his way,this may not have been the case.I believe this is the best twisting of Frankenstein to bring it to an updated and unique style.I kinda get tired of all the Frankenstein movies out there.All are pretty much the same,without much imagination..AND,..I love everything Lion's Gate does.Hey,they picked up on Rob Zombie's Horror insight,didnt they?.That makes them right up there,in my eyes.Anyone who enjoys the Frankenstein idea,and is willing to realize the different ways to use it,this is for you.
One day,America is going to finally pick up on Vincent Perez's acting abilities.I've known for a long time what a talent he is.I just wish he hadnt have done the Crow,because the role was an iconic one with the icon being dead. Everyone just crucified him instead of watching him.They all wanted Brandon Lee.If they had just watched it for what it was,they might have actually seen it for what it was.A new Crow.