June 28, 2008

Indie Frankenstein

Indie band Willoughby, led by singer-songwriter Gus Seyffert, perform a lovely, bittersweet ballad called Frankenstein, part of their debut album I Know What You’re Up To.

Evoking such influences as Chet Baker, Harry Nilsson and The Zombies, Seyffert recorded to analog tape, and the album will be released in both CD and vinyl editions.

A simple, unpretentious video features Seyffert as The Scientist and band member Charlie Wadhams as a wandering hobo Monster with a curiously pointy nose. The song is said to be “a love letter” from Frankenstein to his creature.

See the video on the Willoughby site, or on YouTube.

The band’s site carries additional info about the song, and the photo section has backstage pics from the video shoot.

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