July 11, 2008

The Covers of Frankenstein: Alter Ego No. 41

A Bernie Wrightson illustration graces the cover of the special Frankenstein issue, October 2004, of Alter Ego, the excellent comics history magazine edited by Roy Thomas.

Alter Ego uses a unique flip-book format: Turn it over and half of the magazine — under another cover — is devoted to the Golden Age’s Fawcett Comics, home of the original Captain Marvel (Shazam!). Nevertheless, the tightly packed, massively illustrated 52 pages devoted here to Frankenstein comics are easily worth the (very reasonable) price of admission.

Contents include an interview with Frankenstein illustrator Bernie Wrightson, and an indispensable history of The Monster’s adventures in comic books by Frankenstein expert Don Glut. Other articles include a look at the rare Spirit of Frankenstein stories (1949-1952) from Adventures into the Unknown comics, Dell Comics’ superhero Frankenstein, and DC Comics’ various stabs at the theme, notably the Wolfman/Kaluta collaboration of the early 70’s, The Spawn of Frankenstein. Eye-popping art includes some terrific Frankenstein sketches by Alex Toth (an example here at left) and a generous sampling of Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein daily strips!

Alter Ego #41 is an important, enlightening and entertaining resource for Frankenstein in comic books and I recommend it most highly. The issue is still available from the publisher here.

Note: A 25th Anniversary edition of Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein will be published by Dark Horse Books this coming Fall. I’ll keep you posted on that one.


Anonymous said...

Wrightson's a fantastic artist. However, I'm struck by how much the Doctor looks like a young Sly Stallone in the cover illustration.

rob! said...

love that Toth drawing...who wouldn't watch that cartoon? (even if HB probably would've hired Casey Kasem to do the voice)