July 27, 2008

The Scholarly Frankenstein

I’m awfully proud to report that this blog has been singled out by the brainy university types at Intute as “a useful research aid for those seeking to survey the uses to which the Frankenstein monster is still being put in popular culture, and the contemporary neo-gothic / neo-Victorian imagination in general.

Intute (formerly known as RDN, The Research Discovery Network) is a UK-based consortium of seven universities and research partners working together “to advance education and research by promoting the best of the Web in one easily accessible place, providing access to quality resources through a process of evaluation and collaboration.”

Experts and subject specialists evaluate websites for quality and relevance, and the chosen ones are included in Intute’s free online search engine. From now on, searching Intute for Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, and things related will bring up Frankensteinia among a list of valuable web resources.

See, you’re not just entertained here, you’re edjukated, too!

Click here to see the Frankensteinia description page.


rob! said...

that's fantastic, what an honor!

if only there college courses on aquaman... *sigh*

Dread said...

Congratulations! I doubt if there are many genre related sites that can lay claim to such a distinction.

Uncle Ernie said...

Well deserved praise!!