August 18, 2008

Arbo ist hier!

Blogging, I have found, leaves me precious little time and a conundramatically decreased motivation to read other blogs. In my experience, you either write or you read, and doing one comes at the expense of the other. Nevertheless, I am faithful to a handful of sites, personal favorites, mostly those listed on my blogroll down there on the column at right.

One rare blog I’m literally addicted to is the perceptive, perverse and often acutely funny horror-themed Arbogast on Film, whose Mystery Man host must be congratulated for surviving — er, I mean celebrating — a whole year online.

Give Arbo a shot, see if you become a daily visitor, as I am.

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1 comment:

ARBOGAST said...

Oh, but I'm humbled by this heartfelt shout-out. Not literally humbled, as I'm still an opinionated shit, but, you know, touched and kinda warm and fuzzy-like. Not literally, but...

And thank you for using the only picture of me I can stand.