August 1, 2008

The Art of Frankenstein: Skot Olsen

Painter Skot Olsen illustrates Rod Lott’s adaptation of Frankenstein in a unique style that combines nervous, cartoony lines and atmospheric sepia.

The sepia art is on view in a graphic novel anthology title, Fantasy Classics: Graphic Classics Volume 15, and on exhibit until August 30 at the Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery, in South Florida. The show launches Saturday night, August 2, so drop in if you’re in the area.

Besides Lott & Olsen’s Frankenstein, the book also features adaptations of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Rappaccini’s Daughter, H.P.Lovecraft’s The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, and stories by L.Frank Baum, Lord Dunsany, and Clark Ashton Smith

Skot Olsen’s Website is here, and here's interesting interview with the artist.

The Publisher's website.

You can view all the artwork on exhibit and even purchase Frankenstein art by Skot Olsen at the Bear and Bird Gallery’s Online Shop

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