August 12, 2008

Frankenstein Olympics

Here’s a Frankenstein Game from the classic French TV series Jeux sans frontières (Games Without Borders) in which teams from all over Europe competed in a sort of loopy Olympics.

In this clip from 1977, shot in Évry, just outside Paris, members from one team play “the little flower girl” who must race around the castle grounds — hobbled by a string around her ankles — planting edelweiss to score points while being chased by an opposite team member wearing a huge, 8-foot tall foam Frankenstein suit.

I wish they’d have this as an official Olympic discipline in Beijing.

It’s a quick, two and half minutes of pure, silly fun. Listen as the British announcer cracks up.

See the clip on DailyMotion (large frame, better image quality), or YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful.