August 30, 2008

Frankenstein Sings

Two Frankenstein musicals opened on consecutive days last November, in New York.

The boisterous, monster-sized Young Frankenstein is still going, although cast salaries had to be slashed and the originally stratospheric ticket prices were revised downward. Its serious counterpart played out its initial month-long run and closed. A mooted tour never materialized.

Now, the “world premiere” recording of Frankenstein, A New Musical, featuring the original cast, is being released and will be available for digital download on Amazon and iTunes as of September 2.

You can sample the music and order the CD on the show’s excellent website, which is loaded with photographs, reviews and lots of good information.

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Richard said...

Pierre, even as I type this, I dunno if I'm gonna post it. I just hate being the Correction Guy. My innate pedantry can be a real pain. And this is a really minor point, probably of importance only to those of us in the NY theatre scene, and particularly those of us who make our living there. The 'second' Frankenstein musical was not 'on Broadway.' This was an off-B'way production, though a pretty big and classy one. It's a small thing that really only matters, I guess, in the size of the paycheck.
Love the blog, Pierre, and I'm here every day. I'll try not to be so nitpicky.

Pierre Fournier said...

Au contraire, Richard, I welcome your input. Point taken and I changed “on Broadway” to “in New York”. I had meant to simplify, but I see how the On/Off Broadway distinction is important. Note that I had stressed the difference in the two previous posts I made about these plays.

Thanks again, Richard, and by the way, would you please email me at Something I want to ask you.