September 11, 2008

The 100 Heads of Frankenstein

Pictured here is but a small sampling of sculptor Bill Luciani’s amazing 100 Heads of Frankenstein collection, featuring Frankenstein Monsters, Frankenstein creators, and assorted weird Frankenstein assistants, all immortalized in latex.

The collection was recently on view at Maskapalooza, a celebration of monster masks and related memorabilia held in connection with Monster-Mania Con II, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

See more pictures on the Classic Horror Film Boards (the above is courtesy of photographer Marian Clatterbaugh, co-publisher of Monsters from the Vault), and there’s also a large selection on view at Dread Central.

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Stewart Sternberg said...

Great posting. I look at the faces here and am impressed by the variety of interpretation, whether it is the Karloff inspired model; the Glenn Strange or Lugosi face; or the Christopher Lee and other Hammer incarnations.