September 29, 2008

The Art of Frankenstein : Jez Hall

The artist says he was just messing around with Photoshop. Of course, when you are an accomplished animator, designer and storyboard artist, the stuff you knock out, the quick exercises, the doodles and whatnot tend to look awfully good. Such is the case here, a striking image created by British artist Jez Hall.

“I think it’s the Frankenstein Monster,” says Jez. Well, it works for me. This stark, powerful design would make a great Frankenstein book cover or a poster for a play or a movie.

The image here (and an interesting variant) appears on Jez Hall's art blog, Knunk, and you can see more of his energetic work on Viewbook.

1 comment:

Mina Jade said...

Thank you for the link. This picture is great and gloomy, Photoshop is a nice way to make a picture eerie.