September 21, 2008

Dick Briefer's Frankenstein Links

Updating my previous post… There are quite a few Dick Briefer Frankenstein stories available on the net, if you don’t mind clicking around a bit. The rewards are great.

In addition to his Briefer posts this weekend (and the promise of more to come around Halloween time), Karswell of The Horrors of It All has three more stories sitting in his blog archives. There’s Frozen Alive (Parts One and Two), a story that starts at the North Pole and somehow ends up inside an Egyptian pyramid; a classic, harrowing tale called The Beautiful Dead, and a comedy-era story, Frankenstein and the Mummies.

Elsewhere: On Pappy’s Golden Age of Comics Blogzine (a delightful daily stop for me), you can find no less than 18 Briefer Frankenstein tales! This Link will take you to Pappy’s Frankenstein archives. Scroll down through the posts (all of them fun) to get to the Briefer stories. There are real gems to be found, like the bittersweet and horrific The Monster’s Mate, and the wildly imaginative World of Monsters, featuring dinosaurs and a vicious cat woman. In the comedy style, there’s lots to enjoy, too. Check out the surrealistic splash pages for The Curse of the Flying Dutchman and Frankenstein’s Job. You can also read the origin story, Frankenstein’s Creation, from issue number one, in 1945.

Still more: Pure Excitement carries two humorous stories, here and here, and American Comic Archives has three, including the legendary Frankenstein Meets Boris Karload.

Briefer is worth exploring. You might have a hard time picking a favorite style, the gruesome or the giggly. I absolutely love his scary, morbid Frankensteins, but then again, the cartoony ones can go from silly to utterly mind-blowing at the turn of a page, and you can’t get enough of those, either.

Click and enjoy!

With thanks to Karswell and Mr. Cavin.


silvano said...

As I wrote on Karswell's blog , Briefer's one of the best versions of this mithological creature ,be it scary or funny ...

Karswell said...

>With thanks to Karswell

My pleasure Pierre! I didn't realize Pappy had so much Frankenstein stuff posted, I'll have to dfouble check everything to make sure we don't pull a duplicate around Halloween.