September 20, 2008

Frankenstein and Dracula Forever

An update: Part Two of Jim McElwee’s fascinating and meticulously documented tale of the Frankenstein and Dracula revivals is now up on his Greenbriar Picture Shows blog, complete with stunning pictures and posters.

This time, we learn about Realart Pictures, the film recycling company that squeezed extra life out of classic monster movies, we follow through to the 50’s Frankenstein and Dracula reincarnations of Hammer Films and American International, Shock Theater, and the Monster Boom of the 60’s.

This stuff is pure gold. Don’t miss Frankenstein/Dracula Forever!

Dare You See It?


Susan Tyler Hitchcock said...

Greetings again, Pierre. You might want to share with blog followers an interesting opportunity I have to talk about our favorite monster. Wilmington, North Carolina, is organizing a One Community, One Book event with Ishiguro's haunting novel, Never Let Me Go as its focus. On October 20 at 7pm at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington's Randall Library, I'll be talking about the interesting connections between that novel and the Frankenstein tradition. Would love to see fellow Frankensteinia followers there.
-- Susan Tyler Hitchcock

Karswell said...

That is a phenomenal, highly recommended post over at Greenbriar. Check out THOIA this weekend for another shot of this same theatre front image you posted (but from a different angle) photographed by the great Weegee.

Pierre Fournier said...

Hello Susan! I'll be sure to post a reminder a bit before your appearance. Wish I could be there.

Karswell: I am a big fan of Weegee, and that shot you posted, well, I think I hurt myself.