September 5, 2008

Frankenstein's Laboratory

Electric arcs crackling overhead, vats pulsating with eerie green light, the scientist prepares the slab to receive The Monster. In the illustration below, phosphorus blue light bathes the lab’s powerful generator.

These digital illustrations were created in 1998 by Stephan Martiniere at Industrial Light and Magic for the proposed animated feature known as CGI Frankenstein. Seems the project was canned almost as soon as it was announced. The script, by Brent Maddock and S.S.Wilson, called for Dr. Pretorius, late of The Bride of Frankenstein, to seek The Monster and use its neck electrodes to power his new experiments. The film was meant to have the look and feel of the classic Universal monster movies, and even The Wolfman was penciled in for a part.

A tantalizing clip of the animated Monster, barely fifteen seconds worth, was produced. It can be seen on Ain’t It Cool News (scroll all the way down to see it).

Stephan Martiniere recently added a prestigious Best Professional Artist Hugo to his already crowded trophy shelf. The artist’s website overflows with fabulous art and concept designs. You can see his Frankenstein art large-size here.

Martiniere was also featured on io9, complete with a nice portfolio of works.


CGI Frankenstein


Anonymous said...

And instead we got VAN HELSING...

David Lee said...

That's some beautiful work there. Thank you for finding it.

rob! said...

"Seems the project was canned almost as soon as it was announced."