September 1, 2008

Marion Mousse's Frankenstein, Volume Three

The final volume of Marion Mousse’s French-language graphic novel adaptation of Frankenstein is out, and there’s great news for those of you who were hoping to read this in English…

In Volume 3, The Monster frames Justine, and Frankenstein reneges on his promise to build a mate, which leads to more horror and a continent-spanning chase that leads back to the book’s beginning, at the Arctic.

The publisher’s site has sample pages. Click on the small arrow under the cover to see them.

Now comes word that all three volumes of Mousse’s adaptation are being translated and collected into a single 144-page book under the storied Classics Illustrated logo by American publisher Papercutz.

The English version is due out in January '09 in hardcover and paperback editions. You can pre-order now through the Frankenstore.

Marion Mousse’s Frankenstein, Volume One
Frankenstein Events of 2007
Marion Mousse’s Frankenstein, Volume Two
Alternate Cover Art for Volume Three


rob! said...

YESSSS!!!! an english version!!!!

Pierre Fournier said...

Please Note: Papercutz is now listing this book as a January '09 release.