October 20, 2008

The Art of Frankenstein : Mike Hill

A masterful, life-sized sculpt, molded in silicone and meticulously detailed, brings Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein Monster to life. It’s as if someone had made high quality color photographs of the actor in Jack Pierce’s legendary makeup, all the way back then, in 1931.

The stunning likeness is the work of British-born, L.A.-based artist Mike Hill, whose favorite subjects run to comic book characters and the classic movie monsters.

Hill first got noticed for his model kits, including some excellent Hammer Films monsters, and a two-figure tribute showing Karloff posing with his Frankenstein Monster. Hill has gone on to create a number of astounding life-size busts for Sideshow Collectibles — including a now sold-out Karloff Monster — earning himself the admiration of his peers. Fellow 3D artist William Paquet calls Hill, “The best 1/1 sculptor in the biz.

Hill has also sculpted life-sized, full figure fibreglass statues of heroes like Batman and Superman, and a Karloff Frankenstein… in bronze!

Mike Hill’s website carries a gallery of his work that will take your breath away.

Sideshow Collectibles’ Silver Screen Edition Frankenstein, by Mike Hill. Explore the Sideshow site for more of Hill’s work.


David said...

This is the best likeness I've ever seen of Karloff's monster. Simply superb.

Max the drunken severed head said...

I love this and want one for my home, but I think the Steve Teves bust captures Karloff a tiny bit better.

swofford said...

Universal City should have your bronze life size Karloff monster in its plaza to commemorate the importance of that actor and that role in Universal history and world cinema.

Anonymous said...

I have the numbered bust sanctioned by Sarah Karloff. It is similar to the ones shown, but the one she had OK'd was actually made from a casting of Boris in make-up. It is stunning and I see others, less exciting, were selling for $596.00? Make me an offer. Yes, it is numbered. kernnews@aol.com

The Vice Presidential Action Rangers said...

where is the bronze statue? is it in a park someplace or in a private collection?