October 25, 2008

The Art of Frankenstein : Rob Kelly

Rob Kelly’s art is timeless. His graphics recall the bold, call-to-arms symbolism of WPA posters and the Deco geometry of Soviet Constructivism, yet they are resolutely fresh and modern. Explosive colors and dynamic typography make his digital editorial and advertising illustrations pop off the page.

Between assignments, the ever-experimenting Kelly creates faux movie posters and make-believe paperback covers that reveal a love for noir fiction and classic horror movies. The Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein posters shown here are just two of his excellent Universal Monsters series displayed on his abundantly illustrated website.

Rob Kelly has been a great friend and supporter of this blog from day one, frequently posting comments and even contributing a delightful guest shot about the Dell Frankenstein comic of 1963. Inspired by a recent post of mine, Rob came up with an eye-popping would-be poster for Frankenstein Meets Shirley Temple — The Movie!

Of course, by the time Glenn Strange piled on the Monster makeup, Miss Temple was no longer a cutie-pie tot, but we’re on fantasy time here. As Rob says, “Roll with me on this”. We’re delighted to play along.

I love that Bill Bojangles Robinson puts in an appearance, possibly tap-dancing up and down the twisted staircase at the castle. Barrymore would make a great Burgomeister, Atwill no doubt returns as Inspector Krogh and Lugosi might be a sinister butler, or a red herring groundskeeper. Jean Yarbrough as director suggests this was a low budget effort.

Thanks, Rob, for letting me premiere your newest (and possibly silliest) poster on Frankensteinia!

Rob Kelly’s website, the Monster Poster page, and art blog.

Frankenstein Meets Shirley Temple
The Monster Lives! By Rob Kelly


Max the drunken severed head said...

Rob is a talent everyone at the Universal Monster Army (where I help moderate) admires. He is also a long-time member there-- a true fan of the Uni-monsters if ever there was one!


rob! said...

*whew* my head is HUGE right now--Tracy won't be able to put with me.

thanks for the great post, Pierre, and hope all the Frankensteinia fans enjoy the poster.

oh, and in terms of Lugosi--i pictured that he would play the umpteenth Frankenstein doctor, the great-grand-nephew of the original, or something hackneyed like that.

Arbogast's Ghost said...

What was especially perverse about Frankenstein Meets Shirley Temple is that the studio actually had the Monster kill her. Well, she was growing up a bit too fast. Why they didn't bring her back as a vampire, though, is beyond my ken.

John Rozum said...

Rob's art stuns me every time I see it. It reminds me of the old attraction posters from Disneyland. I particularly like his take on on old pulp novel covers.

wich2 said...

Rob's stuff is so sharp - and he ain't dull, neither!

Happy All Hallow's,
-Craig W.