October 10, 2008

La Maschera di Frankenstein

A superb painted poster for the Italian release — retitled “The Mask of Frankenstein” — of Hammer’s The Curse of Frankenstein (1957).

Curiously, intriguingly, tension is created by posing the hand upside down, as if The Monster had its back to the window it was pushing open. Blood, an escapee’s broken chains and a dead tree heighten the morbid effect.

A wonderful image found on the generally “NSFW” Undead Film Critic blog.

Update: The artist has been identified as Luigi Martinati. Here’s a short bio and another Frankenstein poster by Martinati. 


John Rozum said...

That's a beautiful poster.

Dane said...

That is a beautiful poster, I agree. Right down to the multicolor "Warner Color!"

Jeremy Richey said...

Stunning poster and what a cool blog. I have added a link over at Moon in the Gutter and appreciate you following it.

MANDRA said...

Oh my good!! Thank you sooo much for your comment Silvano!! Thanks!!!
I have not been able to reply before because I have been to the Film Festival SITGES, sorry.
Your blog and your drawings are brilliant, I LOVE your style!
I hope to maintain contact with you.
Thanks for passing, and leave me a comment!

I too would like legend of the seven golden vampires and Plan 9!

P.D: Excuse my English is very bad! jejeje
A hug

Undead Film Critic said...

I'm not always NSFW, I... OK. Yeah I am.