November 6, 2008

Frankenstein For Fear

A few days ago, I posted the Frankenstein For President video. Here’s what the poster for that campaign must have looked like. It's a witty take on the famous and iconic Obama/Hope poster. Note the small type, “Paid for by the “Vote No on Fire” group”, and how the Obama "O" and flag logo is changed to depict flames. Brilliant!

The original Obama poster was created by L.A.-based contemporary street artist Shepard Fairey as a limited edition silkscreen job. It may be the first political poster to have become phenomenally popular through exposure on the Internet.

Interestingly, Fairey used a photograph of the candidate he plucked off Google. The image was transformed into bold geometric shapes, its red, white and blue palette muted with intermediary colors. The first version said “Progress”, which became “Change” before it settled for “Hope”. The result is a powerful, instantly classic poster.

The Frankenstein/Fear campaign poster is from zero-lives photostream on Flickr. There’s also a nice Jekyll-Hyde 2008 poster (“Vote for change!”). Found, with thanks, via Sailormoms.

Obama poster creator Shepard Fairey’s website, his Wiki page, and an interview with the artist.

Frankenstein For President

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rob! said...

both posters are great. dang, i wish i had done it...