November 26, 2008

Wake The Dead Concept Art

No sooner has one comic book writer's interpretation of Frankenstein been revealed (see previous post) that another one appears. Steve Niles’ Wake The Dead is being made into a movie, and Shock Till You Drop has posted a pre-production portrait of the creature.

Steve Niles has visited Frankenstein before. His short version of the original novel, illustrated by Scott Morse, appeared in The Little Book of Horror: Frankenstein, and his DC Comics horror superhero, Simon Dark, uses elements of Frankenstein and Edward Scissorhands.

Wake The Dead, first published in 2003, updates the basic premise of the classic tale —Victor is a contemporary science student assembling a man from spare parts — and takes it from there into new territory. The screenplay, by Jim V. Hart and director Jay Russell, further expands the story, “beautifully”, according to Niles.

The pre-production art, overseen by Peter Jackson’s WETA special effects house, is the work of Gino Acevedo.

Click through to Shock Till You Drop’s article to see the full portrait in great detail.

An interview with director Jay Russell on io9.

Steve Niles’ website, and an interview with Niles about the upcoming film, on Comic Book Resources.

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Danél Griffin said...

Wow. Between this, Igor, upcoming Hotel Translyvania, del Toro's Frankenstein, and the latest Frankenstein-themed X-Files movie, it seems as if our favorite monster is going through something of a cinematic revival. Bring it on!