February 19, 2009

Awards Season

The Seventh Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award nominations were announced this week, “recognizing the best in monster research, creativity and genre appreciation”. I am truly honored to have Frankensteinia nominated as Best Horror Blog.
The Rondos are an online, fan-based award. Anyone can vote, and that means you! Click the link to see the large and very inclusive ballot. You can vote in as many or as few categories as you wish. You could even vote just for — ahem — Best Horror Blog! Voting closes on March 21st, but don’t wait… Vote Now!
Hats off to David Colton for undertaking the immense job of running the Rondos, and sincere congratulations to the nominees and my fellow horror bloggers, deserving all.


I’ve been triple-Dardozed, even quadrupled if you count my companion blog, Monster Crazy!
In January, I was tagged with a Premio Dardos by Ray Young of Flickhead. The Dardos is a virtual prize where bloggers name five blogs they enjoy and each of those bloggers must then pass the award to five others. Turns out the Dardos — the dart — is more like a boomerang and, over the last few weeks, I’ve been re-Dardozed, so to speak.
I already posted my 5 picks first time around, so I’ll keep it at that, but I do want to thank writers John Morehead of Theofantastique and Ryan Harvey of The Realm of Ryan for honoring Frankensteinia as one of their Dardos picks.
Thanks also to Shahn of the magnificient Six Martinis and the Seventh Art who has bestowed a Dardos on my other blog, Monster Crazy. In keeping with the picture blog philosophy there, I’ve passed that one on to 5 other tumblelogs. The post is here.

Not an award, but recognition of sorts. A new aggregator site, HorrorBlips, has listed Frankensteinia, based on linkage, as high as #3 on their Horror Blog Rankings. I’m surprised to be fighting for the top ranks with sites like Dread Central who score 80+ posts per week, compared to my measly average of 4.

Again, do vote for the Rondo Awards, and thank you for considering Frankensteinia!


October Effigies said...

Congradulations!! You do have an amazing blog!

micha mae said...

yes, congratulations! i haunt both your blogs quite frequently, monsters + all things frankenstein, i just can't help myself. keep up the good work.

wich2 said...

All richly deserved, Pierre!
-Craig W.

shahn said...

Multiple awards are to be expected with such fine quality content as has this blog.

The most exciting part is finding other image-based places to visit. Thanks for passing this along.