February 13, 2009

Hammer Horrors Playing Cards

Found on the delightful and deliciously deranged (and sometimes nsfw) Deadlicious blog, these Hammer Films playing cards were produced by the Heritage Toy and Game Company in the early 90’s.

Nothing fancy here, just card faces decorated with stills, most of them in black and white, from classic Hammer Horrors, including a handful of Frankensteins.

The Deadlicious blog, by its own definition, celebrates “lowbrow art to hardcore bikes, trash literature, tattoos, weird things of all kinds”. Our hosts, if you can get your brains around this, are Frenchmen who wear luchadores masks and, among other things, create unique rock n’roll pastries and pies. No kidding. I, for one, know where I’m heading first next time I’m in Paris.

You can follow their gigs and gatherings on Deadlicious Nation, and be sure to visit the Deadlicious website to discover their amazing patisseries. Deadlicious also keeps a lively MySpace page.

Filo Loco of the Deadlicious crew, has invited Frankensteinia to join the Deadlicious Hot Blog Circle, an informal gathering of blogs that display “cool stuff, free spirit and attitude”. I'm game!

Merci, Filo!

More Hammer Cards on Deadlicious.


Lolita of the Classics said...

Oh, I want that deck of cards! I collect playing cards, that one would fit into my collection of classic movie actors, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley decks!

Anonymous said...

woah! i like this deck of cards! they are so cool! switch off light, put some candles around and play some poker LOL

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