February 3, 2009

T.S.Kuebler's Frankenstein

An actor in makeup? No. Incredibly, it's a sculpture, by Thomas Scott Kuebler.

Schooled in prop making, toy design and animatronics, inspired by “monsters and bogeymen… scary movies, zoological science, anatomy (and) puppetry”, T.S.Kuebler combines unusual skills, extraordinary talent and a unique personal vision to create life-sized, three-dimensional figures fashioned in silicone and mixed media.

Kuebler sees his work as storytelling. “I wanted to bring to life the kind of lore that brought me so much joy as a child,” he writes, “each new sculpture a fascinating biography of the bizarre. A tangible tale told right in front of you.” At Kuebler’s call, monsters of myth and movies, freaks and sideshow curiosities spring to stunning life. His creations are freighted with meticulous details, vivid emotion and palpable character.

Kuebler’s obvious affection for Karloff’s Frankenstein Monster is manifest in the pieces shown here, capturing the Creature in poses recalling famous movie scenes. At top and left, The Monster holds a daisy, from the lake scene with the little girl, a brief, awkward moment of joy in The Monster’s tragic life. Below, The Monster enjoys a cigar — Smoke, Good! — when befriended by the blind hermit, another unguarded moment when The Monster finds a fleeting instance of peace in a brutal world.

Kuebler’s cutting edge waxworks are truly magnificent, heartfelt homages.

See many more fantastic creations on T.S.Kuebler’s website. The Frankenstein Monster appears in the Gallery, under Classics and Legends.

In a decidely Frankensteinian register, check out Myron Klinefelter’s Revenge featuring an animated, remote control cadaver, and Dr. Nighty-Night (who reminds me a bit of Ernest Thesiger) who relies on a galvanized headless corpse to propel his wheelchair.

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