March 14, 2009

Bruce Timm's Classic Bride

Couldn’t resist picking up on my last post and sharing another terrific Bruce Timm pinup, this one of the classic black and white Bride, her diaphanous shroud revealing an hourglass figure.

Gorgeous art.

Bruce Timm’s Teen Bride of Frankenstein
Bruce Timm’s Frankenstein


Sam G said...

Love it. Bruce Timm is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Just noticing a bit of cutural bias here. All your samples of Frankie artwork seem to be either American or European. Where's the Frankie-inspired manga? :(

Pierre Fournier said...

Cultural bias? Well, for starters, I am neither American nor European, and I cast the Frankenstein net as wide as possible. For instance, someone sent me some rare Turkish Frankenstein images that I plan to run soon. If you know any Frankenstein Manga, please share. I am aware of and very interested in things like Embalming and Wagatomo Frankenstein, but I have not seen either one and that makes it difficult for me to cover intelligently. If you are familiar with these and able to write a good guest post, I would love to run it. Just email me at

And, by the way, if you have ever heard of Osamu Tezuka, this post might be of interest to you:


AGAIN - you have made my day!

Thanks for the new Bruce Timm post!

Anonymous said...

Ok, ok, so I'll lay off the self-rightious nerd mode. I had no luck on Wagatomo, but I did find an online, translated version of "Embalming":
Also, renowned horror manga artist Junji Ito did his own treatment of the original story, an untranslated version can be found here:

The Vicar of VHS said...

Oh, Pierre, you're KILLING me over here!

Admit it: you're doing it on purpose.

It's okay. Don't stop. ;)

Pierre Fournier said...

MangaBottle: Thank You! The Junji Ito adaptation, in particular, is outstanding.

Esperanza and Vicar: Welcome to the Bruce Timm fan club! The man doesn't have a bad drawing in him.