March 23, 2009

The Covers of Frankenstein : English Study Guide

From 1991, here’s a simplified edition of Frankenstein serving as an English study guide for Turkish readers.

The cover by Kemal references the classic scene in James Whale’s 1931 movie where The Monster menaces Elizabeth on her wedding day. The crewcut Creature in the frayed sweater snarls like Karloff does in the film.

Thanks to Deniz Pinar of Turkish Posters.


Anonymous said...

what's he doing with his hand there? (scnr)

rob! said...

Um...I think the painter for this cover was sent a copy of Young Frankenstein as the reference.

Christopher said... 'bout it Babeeeehh??!
Hes got his good sweater on..

Richard Harland Smith said...

The Junk of Frankenstein!