March 25, 2009

Rondo Award Winners

The winners of the online, fan voted Rondo Awards were announced on Monday evening.
Among the honored, Tim Lucas was picked as Best Writer and his Video WatchBlog wins Best Blog, again and as deservedly as always, but with an extra poignancy this year as the award comes just as Lucas announced he was quitting his blog to concentrate his creative energy on new projects. I am enthusiastically looking forward to anything Mr. Lucas sets his formidable talents to, though I must say I already miss his WatchBlog posts and I want to thank him for being an inspiration to me.

Still in the Best Blog category, hell froze over and my friend Max, the hardest working twit in blogdom, scored First Runner Up for his boisterous Drunken Severed Head blog. Best as I can explain this, there was either a weird glitch in the voting procedures, or drug use among classic horror fans is more widespread than we thought. I am ecstatic over Max’ good showing, and congrats, too, to Stacie Ponder of Final Girl and Brian Solomon of The Vault of Horror for their honorable mentions.

Finally, from among all the awards in 29 categories, allow me to say Bravo to the ridiculously talented Mike Mignola, whose Hellboy: In the Chapel of Moloch won as Best Horror Comic, and to the Rue Morgue crew for winning Best Magazine. And a very special cheer goes out to Jim and Marian Clatterbaugh — publishers of the flat-out fabulous Monsters From The Vault magazine — for being voted into the hallowed Monster Kid Hall of Fame!

By the way, in a Frankenstein vein, the Rondo for Best Classic TV Collection went to The Munsters: The Complete Series.

Congratulations to ALL the winners. See the full list on the Rondo Awards website.


Greg said...

as Lucas announced he was quitting his blog to concentrate his creative energy on new projects.

Now I finally have a chance to win for my as yet uncreated horror blog. I shall name it The Used Cigar Box of Terror. Or I'll just vote for you or Arbogast again like I always do. When are you guys gonna win? The two of you totally deserve it.

Pierre Fournier said...

The Rondo people do a helluva job, no question, but that bum Arbogast didn't even rate a nomination. I'm just as bamboozled that Kate of the Lost Train For The Tenebrous Empire wasn't nominated. Two of the very best horror blogs ever conceived, both incredibly well written.

I'm very grateful for my nomination, but I think this blog may be a wee bit too specialized for an award like this.

By the way... The Used Cigar Box of Terror... Got that from an obscure Bava film, right?

Greg said...

I think this blog may be a wee bit too specialized

This blog is specialized? Oh, wait, you're right. I never noticed but you do do a lot of posts on action movies here.

Max the drunken severed head said...

Dear Pierre--

If I didnt hab haf a load on rite now, I punch you rite in tha snoot for those "twit" and "stoned voters" remark!

Awww, I'm a lover, not a fighter, aniway.


Yer blog and "Love Train" (Not "Lost Train" chump!) are two of the very best out there!

all my luv