April 17, 2009

The Monster : Bob Sapp

A headband hiding the electrodes in his head, Bob Sapp, flanked here by Jasper Redd and DeRay Davis in Frankenhood, joins a long list of king-sized athletes cast as The Monster. Previous sports figures drafted for the part include Primo Carnera, Kiwi Kingston, Dave Prowse, Mike Lane, Bo Svenson and Gerardo Zepeda.

Frankenhood also stars Charlie Murphy as a mad scientist who revives a hulking corpse using the battery from an old AMC Gremlin. Murphy is no stranger to Frankenstein shenanigans, having essayed The Monster on TV’s Chappelle Show.

Sapp's Frankenhood Monster is recruited into a three-man streetball team playing for high stakes. Hilarity ensues. The film comes to DVD on May 5.

Trailer for Frankenhood.

Charlie Murphy as The Monster in a short excerpt from the Chappelle Show.