April 23, 2009

Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl

Here’s a trailer that has been a bit of an Internet sensation this week. Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl is the straightforward title for a very twisted film by special effects expert Yoshihiro Nishimura of Tokyo Gore Police fame. Co-directed by Naoyuki Tomomatsu, and based on a manga by Shungiku Uchida, it’s a transgressive love triangle story featuring teenage girls with special powers vying for the love of a boy.

Eri Otoguro plays Keiko, the Frankenstein Girl, stitches and screws holding her face together.

Please be warned, the trailer features way over the top gore with exploding heads, hacked limbs and industrial strength arterial spray. It’s something like a live action Itchy and Scratchy cartoon and all very funny if you’re in the right mood. The only really offensive thing about it is the blackface character.

The film is currently in production and should premiere in North America at Montreal’s Fantasia film festival in July.

Here’s the trailer, on YouTube. NSFW.

Fangoria Online has a set report and a gallery of stills.


rob! said...


Steph said...

hah, looks like my kinda movie.

Unknown said...

I found the blackface offensive, but it was pointed out to me that the characters in those scenes are poking fun at a trend called Ganguro, in which girls wear a ridiculous amount of makeup, haircolor, and real or artificial tans. It may also include blackface (which the name may be a reference to), which itself has a long history in Japan, not necessarily as a negative caricature, but as a weird (the Japanese=weird?;-) show of appreciation for black culture (jazz, rap, fashion, etc).
There is certainly a lot of questionable depictions of black folks in Anime, Manga, etc. but it's questionable which ones come from a hateful intention.

P.S. LOVE your blog.

Pierre Fournier said...

Excellent points. Cultural context must be considered.

Christopher said...

mmmMMMmmm..yummy!..I dunnooo..IIII kinda like it!

Danél Griffin said...

My money's on the Frankenstein girl. Then again, I'm biased.

By the way, have you heard about the new Frankenstein film project, "I, Frankenstein?" That one sounds like it will feature our favorite monster going head-to-head with Dracula too. In an age of Freddy vs. Jason and Alien vs. Predator, it's about frickin' time they started going back to the classics to teach these youngin's how it's done.

Christopher said...

aw! I ain't a skeered a no sweet little Frankenstein Gul! =:oO,d'ooohh!
Yeah..I don't know why a Frankenstein meets Dracula..or wolfman movie,if done by the right person,wouldn't go over well nowdays?!..I was watching the 1944-House of Frankenstein again the other night and trying to invision it as a remake.Not really one of my favorite of the sequels but Played straight,with the right gothic touch,atmosphere,a dash of wit and humor,and with the new tech to enhance it all,I could picture it being a sleeper hit..if not an outright crowd pleaser..

Unknown said...

Its an awesome movie. I've seen better movies but Japanese people are awesome but fucked up. I like Japanese horror movies.