June 3, 2009

Frankenstein is Groovy

A groovy Frankenstein cover from Curt Purcell’s superlative Groovy Age of Horror blog. This image is one of several Frankenstein fumetti magazine covers posted there, along with links to Purcell’s previous posts on the subject. Fascinating, eye-popping stuff.

Please be aware, NSFW content awaits you. Purcell explores the outer reaches of horror pop culture, and the illustrated nudes depicted above are very tame compared to some of the material regularly posted on Groovy Age.

By the way, Curt Purcell is interviewed on the Eerie Books Blog, a feature of the Eerie Books website, home of the Wylie, Texas store devoted to horror books, movies and collectibles. Eerie Books recently posted a list of 42 Frankenstein Movies to See Before You Die. Every title links to a different website, with Son of Frankenstein linking to Frankensteinia. Thanks for the shoutout!

Much thanks also to writer Mike Segretto for including Frankensteinia on his Frankenstein A to Z list posted in May on his blog, Psychobabble, which is devoted to classic horror and Rock n’Roll. A nice mix, if you ask me. Mike’s A to Z goes all the way from Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein to Zacherley’s Frank and Drac Are Back, with stuff like The New York Dolls, Frankenhooker and Remco toys in between.

The Groovy Age of Horror (NSFW)

Eerie Books Blog: Curt Purcell Interview, and Frankenstein Movie list.

Mike Segretto’s Frankenstein A to Z on Psychobabble.


Curt Purcell said...

Glad you like those covers, Pierre! The one you post here is a favorite of mine, both in its own right and in the way it stands out from the others in the set.

Tenebrous Kate said...

I like the monster's expression of hep cat sophistication--he needs a cigar and smoking jacket like a vintage Hugh Hefner to complete the scene!

monsterscholar said...

Wow Frankenstein is loving the ladies. Friend good!

Pierre Fournier said...

I think that's Dean Martin playing Frankenstein.

Christopher said...

LOL!..I t does look like they were trying to give 'em some movie star looks..you rook maaavarous!
Groovus Maximus

rob! said...

"Girls! There enough Frankenstein to go around!"

Christopher said...

:o)))...Its the cover of one of those groovy record albums..Like when Richard Harris or William Shatner tried to sing..
"Frankenstein sings songs of LUV ..and other hits of the Aquarius Generation"
YOU'LL HEAR!"and then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like I looove you"...AND
"But I don't think I can take it,'cause it took so long to bake and I'll never have that recipe again..OH NOOOO.."

Pierre Fournier said...

Dig it. Topless Eurobabes dancing and Flatop Frankie belting out "Luck Be a Lady Tonight".

Michael Jones said...

I just discovered your excellent Blogenstein thanks to the Aquaman Shrine. Brilliant.

I thought I'd share my blog with you and some of the Frankenstein highlights thereof.

I just reread the novel and added a copy of the Japanese anime adaptation to a recent entry.

Or a mention of the Kubrick figure or the Bride.

Forgive me if you've covered these items already, I quickly scrolled through about 2 years of you blog and saw hide nor hair of these.
(Feel free to use any images you'd like.)

Pierre Fournier said...

Excellent blog you've got there, Michael. Thanks very much for the links. I'll be in touch.