June 11, 2009

The Posters of Frankenstein :
Lady Frankenstein

An Italian poster for Lady Frankenstein, also known as La Figlia di Frankenstein (1971) signed, top left, by L. Crovato, whose poster work, as best I can tell, spans the Seventies and Eighties. His name appears on a number of nicely composed giallo and action film posters, including
5 donne per l’assassino, the 1974 thriller starring Francis (Revenge of Frankenstein) Matthews, and 1970’s Hercules in New York, Arnold Swarzenegger’s first film.

I like the artist’s mix of styles, the prominent, realistic portrait likenesses combined with the highly stylized rendering of the couple in action.

Dr. Frankenstein: Joseph Cotten
Dr. Frankenstein: Rosalba Neri


The Vicar of VHS said...

Wow! I've never seen this poster for Lady Frankenstein--the ones I've seen are all the Tall Blonde in Evening Dress Not Appearing in the Film variation. This is much superior, of course, thanks toe the prominent placement of the luscious visage of Rosalba Neri--a long-standing Vicar crush. :)

Also a fantastic Frankenstein flick, for my money. Great post!

Arbogast said...

Agreed, this is gorgeous. Oh Rosalba of my heart and loins, not necessarily in that order.

Alexander said...

Love that poster. The movie however, not so much.

Christopher said...

Spaghettistein......mmMMmmmm Rosalba!

Anonymous said...

Am I wrong in assuming they spelled Mickey wrong? It'd be weird for there to be someone with a name so close to Mr. Mansfield's that wasn't him.