July 15, 2009

Universal Tour Frankenstein

Wearing a ratty suit, built-up boots and Don Post mask, a Universal tour employee channels Glenn Strange and greets visitors as a friendly Frankenstein’s Monster.
The picture appears in a 1968 edition of the Inside Universal Studios souvenir and guide book. The same image was reprinted in the 1970 brochure with an added caption, “You see the most interesting people at Universal Studios!
Big thanks to Karswell of the ever awesome The Horrors of It All blog for sharing this dandy piece of Frankenstein memorabilia from his personal collection.


MonsterScholar said...

I remember this picture from Susan Tyler's book. It's a captivating image.

Christopher said...

I don't know why..but Frankie looks a bit like Ronald Coleman and the lady in GREEN!like Greer Garson..
Very nostalgic stuff..especially for us who took the tour in 1968 ;o)

zencat said...

I still have an autographed photo from a Universal Frankenstein circa mid '70s.

rob! said...

Wow, what a treasure!

victorian inn bed and breakfast said...

What a great historical blog, I like it.


Frankenstein Labs said...

Love the old photo of Frankenstein. I remember he was a popular character at the park in the 1970's.