August 14, 2009


A stern warning from Universal’s Exhibitors Campaign Book promoting The Bride of Frankenstein (1935).

And a friendly warning, too, dear readers, to stand by for some seriously cool posts coming up. No kidding.

I am back online after an unplanned but exhilarating hiatus attending all five days of Anticipation, the Science Fiction Worldcon, held here in Montreal. Didn’t think I’d be away from the blog for a whole week, but then again, I used the time off to recharge my electrodes, as it were. Regular programming resumes shortly!

I’ve got some great material lined up in the coming days and weeks, and it’ll be a very busy fall season around here. I’ll be participating in the annual 31 Days of Halloween countdown organized by John Rozum.

Do NOT “stay away”, unless of course you are scarey, nervous or afraid of tantrums!


Patty Benedict said...

My favorite movie of all time!!!
LOVE your blog!!
Bugs & Hisses

rob! said...

This blog is gonna get even cooler? How is that possible?

BTW, Pierre--love that drawing of the Monsters on your Twitter page!