October 22, 2009

The Art of Frankenstein : Eric Joyner

Mad scientist windup robots use donut power to revive the Frankenstein Monster. And I’m not making that up. Eric Joyner did. Look at the painting, see for yourself!

San Francisco-based illustrator and painter Eric Joyner describes his works as “narrative, painterly & realistic, with a pop/sci-fi twist”. On why tin robots and donuts dominate his art, Joyner says he abandoned commercial illustration after it became too tedious, and he decided to paint only things he liked.

Joyner’s lush oil paintings depict giant tin robots standing forlorn among city skyscrapers or strolling Elysian autumn landscapes, hobo robots riding the rails, and the Lost in Space robot contemplating raygun suicide. A superb series of paintings depict the iconic red and blue Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots dukeing it out in a smoke-filled arena. And through it all, donuts. Giant custard donuts towering over landscapes, cinnamon roll flying saucers, chocolate donuts as big as mountains, strawberry glazed donuts with sprinkles appearing in the clouds, and the occasional cruller that, somehow, manages to look menacing.

Joyner often mixes pop culture characters into his works, like the aforementioned Lost in Space robot, or Forbidden Planet’s Robbie, famous toy robots like Mr. Atomic, and non-robot figures like Godzilla, Tintin, a Sam Spade-like trenchcoated private eye or, as seen here, the Frankenstein Monster.

Eric Joyner’s website is loaded with fabulous art, and here’s an interview with the artist.


Coop said...

Check out http://apatchworkofflesh.blogspot.com/ for some fantastic Frankenstein Monster art.

The Vicar of VHS said...

That is all kinds of awesome. I want a print--or else a tattoo. :)

John Rozum said...

I've been a fan of Eric Joyner for some time. I'd love to own a piece of his work. It's great stuff.