October 31, 2009

Rue Morgue's Halloween Party

Boris and his prom date make a charming couple, all dressed up and inviting you to attend Rue Morgue’s 12th Annual Halloween Party tonight, in Toronto.
Great graphics, as usual, from Rue Morgue. It’s not only a fabulous horror magazine, Art Director Gary Pullin makes it one of the best looking magazines of any genre on the newsstands.


Anonymous said...

The smell of death is in on my breathe; Halloween is finally upon us... Positive vibes to you and yours this Halloween!

rob! said...

That is a sharp poster!

Happy Halloween Pierre!

The Great Silence said...

I am having a lot of fun looking at one of my favorite monsters on your blog. Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

I went to this party. It was alot of fun.

Love your blog by the way. I'm a huuuge fan of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.